P'kolino Triangular Color Pencils


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P'kolino Triangular Color Pencils

It's Playfully Smart Coloring time with this great set of P'kolino Triangular wood Color Pencils. 

We truly adore these colored pencils because they are so playfully smart; so perfectly P'kolino! They are shaped so ergonomically well that they almost teach children the right way to hold them. The soft-edged triangular shape and jumbo size naturally place little hands and fingers into the appropriate coloring position. As an added functional bonus, the triangular shape prevents these pencils from constantly rolling off the table onto the floor. The jumbo size creates superior durability. These P'ikolino pencils stand the test of time; let alone the uses of a child. The extra thick color core reduces tips breaking off while drawing and sharpening. And not only do these P'kolino pencils help create beautiful art but they themselves are beautiful. The natural wood exteriors and the vibrant color cores complement each other for a clean, classically beautiful pencil.

We believe these P'kolino Color Pencils are the best and believe you will too!! Each conveniently packaged set has 12 colored pencils.

P'kolino products meet or exceed US, EU, and Canadian safety standards. Product Made in Taiwan.

  • Ages: 3 years and older
  • Materials: Bass wood and color wax
  • 1 Box Contains 12 Colored Pencils
  • Dimensions: Box 2 in. (5.08 cm) X 2 in. (5.08 cm) X 7 in. (17.78 cm) H

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