About Us

Welcome to Baby Sawyer!

Our Vision: More and more people today are turning towards natural and organic goods. This is exactly what you Baby Saywer is about. Regular clothes and toys can have chemical residue trapped in the threads and plastic that cause irritated skin, rashes, headaches and possibly worse. Organic cotton is not only grown in a way that lessens the impact on our environment, it is clearly a better and healthier choice.  


Our Goal: We understand that there is nothing in the world more important to you than your children and our goal is to make it easier for you to find the healthier choices right at the click of a button.


About the owner: The website owner was inspired by the love of her toddler grandchild and decided to find only the best baby products for him. Her research brought her to babies shows and expos in different cities. She discovered all the amazing companies and learned all about baby clothing products. She was so happy about her research, so she decided to share her knowledge with other parents and opened a small online store. She is personally selecting each brand and each product that is offered at her website. 


Our website is new and is growing every day. We will be adding more products and introducing new companies weekly. As parents ourselves, we know how important education is and we are excited to offer expert advice and post interesting articles in the near future. We hope you enjoy our site and will keep coming back to check out the new editions.


Our office is located in Los Angeles, CA USA
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us by email: mybabysawyer@gmail.com